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Sacrificial path is a roguelite platformer where you can choose one of 4 characters and try to survive as long as you can.

-Kill enemies to make boss appear. 
- Collect keys from dead enemies and use them to open chests that contain items to make your character more powerful. 
-Every item has its own unique passive ability.
- It has roguelite elements like permanent death, character upgrades, random level generation and it's pretty challanging. Give it a try!

- 4 playable characters: Berserker, Dark Hunter, Paladin, Druid

- Over 50 unique and powerful items to collect!


- Daily runs

- Endless mode

- Chance to unlock more items
- Controller support
- Randomly generated levels and items so every run is different
- Special challenges to unlock new stuff!
- Achievements and leaderboards so you can compete with others!

It's my first game and I'm still improving it. Do you have new ideas or you found a bug? You can contact me on twitter @KJAndroidGames or via email
Check out my new blog! kjddgames.wordpress.com
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